Medical Errors and Indifference

Time to shake it up: “…medical errors will keep happening until we bring them out in the open and talk about them.”

Some such errors are not really errors; they are the result of indifference. Indifference is not lack of training – it is a human attitude that needs to be snuffed out of the medical industry.

This Huff Post article opens more discussion that will hopefully lead to meaningful changes:

Realizing that doctors also have emotions and schedules and lots of various constraints and pressure, I still see no good reason for a combination of several of them to be lackadasical enough to result in unnecessary pain, suffering and finally, a medical result that could have been avoided had they done their jobs effectively.

I have lots to say on this due to recent events in my immediate family. Too much is going on right now for me to write more, but I will say that we are going to do our best to shake things up significantly. Misdiagnoses, indifference and lack of compassion in the medical industry are going to have more light shining on them. Voices that WILL be heard are going to be holding that giant beam of light.

I shall be back when possible.

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3 thoughts on “Medical Errors and Indifference

  1. Oh boy, Julie! You’ve hit on one of my hot buttons! I’ll be joining you in a post about this issue soon! We’ve moved 9 times in 15 years – that’s a lot of different docs. I wouldn’t accept the kind of indifference from a waiter let alone a doc. I’m putting my soap box away for now….I shall return!

    • You are right! I have addressed such behavior with waitstaff on a few occassions. My son is in the lead on this one, and quite capable of handling things – wielding the big hammer and making more than just a dent. I am still too close to the results of all this to proceed in a rational manner. But I admit to looking forward to seeing results.
      FYI: You reminded me of the assorted issues that occurred during all of my previous moves. Lots of different doctors with oh so many differing words of advice for the same issues. Good grief. What are the medical schools doing to us?

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