Mr. Potential – NOT!

In my last post, “Personal Transparency”,,  I mentioned a new Mr. Potential. I had yet to meet with him face-to-face but we had emailed back and forth. Alot. We actually agreed that we’d emailed longer than was prudent before finally meeting in person. Life interrupted. I felt strongly that I at least liked him as a person though. I felt hopeful about the possibilities.

We met for coffee, followed by a walk around the area. Yes, I still like him.

As soon as I saw him approaching – saw his face – I recognized a bit of pleasant surprise coursing through me.

I was pleased with how he looked and how he smiled. The surprise was that I felt no let-down upon seeing him in person. I simply knew I still liked him – moreso than before. Such a happy surprise.

And so we stood together in line to place our coffee orders. We sat and talked. So much to cover, to discuss, to learn about each other! A few times I was not sure what to talk about next, as there was seemingly no end to the possibilities

Then he asked if I’d like to walk around a bit. Of course I did: I am a walker and I did not want the brief meeting to end. He is a walker too…


We easily matched pace with one another – ANOTHER oh joy.

Among the simple pleasures of life on my own unique list is walking along easily with my man of choice. Together. Conversing or not. In unison.

It is on par with the simple pleasure of dark chocolate, of good coffee, good wine. Such a list follows the obvious joys of love with family and friends.

He is a bit quiet, a bit introverted. I can be the same at times, but other times jabber along in a chain of thought sort of ramble. That rambling takes over when I am at ease with whatever the situation is. I rambled alot. He did not seem to hold that against me.

After we parted I felt I was being disrespectful in referring to him as “Mr. Potential”. Since I am not playing a game and since I really do like this particular man, it feels like there is a more appropriate way to refer to him. He is like the layer of cream atop a newly opened bottle of unpasteurized milk. Remember how that used to be the norm? It was special. A treat to savor. I want to savor this man – get to know him more.

Tonight we are having a dinner date.

I find myself thinking of him frequently throughout each day and am really looking forward to spending time with him this evening. And that is the scary part. I hate to set myself up for disappointment so am trying to keep a grip. You know: don’t expect too much so you don’t get hurt. That is one part of me.

The other part, the more prevailing one that finds a positive spin to just about anything life throws my way, is simply happy with the prospect of finding and building a lasting relationship.

I will keep you posted about how things turn out. I will not, however, refer to him as “Mr. Potential”. He is a man I like enough to want to spend time with. That is sufficient. That is everything.

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